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Selected Speeches

  Date Title Host Venue
  Feb 12, 2012 Global Political Economy Polieia Carlton Club
  Oct 25, 2012 Adapting Old Ideas Harvard Harvard
  Nov 7, 2012 Economic Consequences of the 2012 Elections Law Firm Phoenix
  May 19, 2012 Economic Outlook & the Presidential Election Law Firm Phoenix
  Feb 20, 2012 Transport Policy BAA Belfast
  February 2012 Airport Policy BAA Multiple Venues UK
  April 10 ,2010 D.C. Conservatism: The New Capitalism AEI AEI, D.C.
  Oct 9, 07 Henry Jackson Society Henry Jackson Society Bickenhall Mansions
  Oct 4, 07 Market Dominance. Beesley Lecture IEA and London Business School IoD
  Oct 1, 07 Politeia Tory Fringe Politeia Blackpool
  April 16, 07 Georgetown Antitrust Conference Arnold & Porter Georgetown University
  March 28, 07 Henry Jackson Society Henry Jackson Society Peterhouse, Cambridge
  March 13, 07 The Future of Inheritance Taxes Adam Smith Institute and John D Wood & Co Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  Jan 17, 07 Broadcasting Policy IEA 2 Lord North, London
  Dec 1, 06 The Modern Corporation Princeton Dec 1, 06.pdf James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institution Princeton
  Oct 19, 06 Implications for Productivity Growth in the Economy Office of Fair Trading Hilton, Kensington.  London
  May 8, 06 Energy, Competition, Taxes and Trade: Some Policy Suggestions Prosperity Caucus Washington, DC
  May 3, 06 Productivity and Regulation Smith Institute No 11 Downing Street, London
  March 13, 06 Annual London Lecture Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea The Town Hall, London
  March 8, 06 Will Cameron's Conservatives be Good for Business? Social Market Foundation Broadway House, London
  March 8, 06 Productivity, Regulation and Competition: Policies for Natural and Unnatural Monopolies Smith Institute No 11 Downing Street, London
  March 7, 06 The Limits of Tax: Efficiency, Equity and International Competition Politeia 22 Charing Cross Road, London
  Sept 22, 2005 Johns Hopkins Center for Transatlantic Center for Transatlantic Relations Fairmount Hotel
  July 12, 2005

Regulation: An Imperfect Substitute for Imperfect Competition

Regulatory Policy Institute Harris Manchester College, Oxford, UK